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Tips for Watching the Race

Nothing can be more motivating to a runner than having enthusiastic crowd support. Here are some ways you can enjoy the event and help the participants make their way to the finish line.

Recommended Viewing Locations

Be sure to consult the course map to be aware of road closures. If you plan to travel to several cheering locations, parking is recommended INSIDE the course loop to avoid traffic delays.

  • Starting Line – Greenland Drive at Champions Way
  • Main Street at Central Magnet School – See participants twice, around Miles 3 and 6.
  • Oaklands Historic House & Museum – Join characters dressed in antebellum attire at Mile 4
  • Rutherford County Courthouse – Cheer squads, drum corps and the weekly Saturday Market make the historic downtown area a fun place to hang out at Mile 5
  • Alumni Drive – Park in the MTSU parking lot on Rutherford Blvd. and walk across the street to Alumni Drive. See the runners twice as they travel up and back this exciting leg of the course.
  • Rutherford Blvd. – This long stretch of road is where the runners need the most motivation. Park on the MTSU campus for an easy walk back to the finish.
  • Old Lascassas Hwy. – The final stretch before finishing. This is where you can legitimately cheer “You’re almost there!”

Pace Chart

Cheering Tips

While waiting for your runner to pass by, be sure to cheer on the other runners as well with words of encouragement.

  • Use noisemakers – music, clapping, cowbells, etc.
  • Call out the runner’s name that is printed on their bib number (“Way to go Sam!”)
  • Don’t say “You’re almost there!” unless they are at least on Old Lascassas Hwy.
  • Make a funny sign
  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather

At The Finish

Watch for your runner to turn the corner at Old Lascassas and Greenland, then make your way into the track stadium to watch them finish.

  • You may join them at the finish area, but remember, the food tent is for runners only. You may bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks into the stadium.
  • Pets are not allowed within the gates of the stadium.
  • Only Murfreesboro Half Marathon participants are allowed on the course at the finish area. Please, for the safety of our runners, DO NOT join your runner in crossing over the finish line. Only runners and volunteers are allowed in the finishing chute.

Thanks for being an important part of this event